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If you happen upon a classified ad for Uroplatus ebenaui in the U.S., you're almost assuredly looking at images of Uroplatus fiera. This is the most commonly seen species belonging to the "ebenaui" group in the hobby. However, at first glance, it's not difficult to see why there is confusion. Until now, they were considered Uroplatus aff.ebenaui but in 2015, RATSOAVINA et al officially described this species as Uroplatus fiera. 


Uroplatus fiera is a species collected primarily from Eastern/Central forests of Madagascar. Due to a very close resemblance to Uroplatus ebenaui, U.fiera is imported as Uroplatus ebenaui throughout the majority of the hobby and trade. To clear up any confusion about which species is which, the following are observed distinctions between the two.



Uroplatus fiera are collected primarily in the forest near Ambohibary and Moramanga.



U.fiera reach an adult SVL of ~9 cm, 3.5". Both males and females average a weight of 7-8 grams with gravid females averaging 9-10 grams.


Eye Horns and Cranial Ridge

U.fiera have two horns, or "eyelashes", just above and behind each eye. These are not very dramatic and often overlooked. In addition to the two "eyelashes" over each eye, U.fiera lack the cranial ridge that connects the horns along the base of the head, as seen in U.ebenaui.


Note the two Note the two Note the single Note the single



Throat Color

U.fiera possess a flesh, or pink, colored buccal membrane. This contrasts with the black buccal membrane found in U.ebenaui.


Note the flesh colored buccal membrane found in Uroplatus fieraNote the flesh colored buccal membrane found in Uroplatus fiera Note the black buccal membrane found in Uroplatus ebenauiNote the black buccal membrane found in Uroplatus ebenaui

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