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This site was created as a centralized resource for anyone interested in Leaf Tail Geckos (Uroplatus sp.). The information herein is a culmination of existing literature, scientific study and personal experiences. If you would like to contribute to the UIC, please find out contact information on our Contact page.

Uroplatus are endemic only to Madagascar, where massive deforestation poses the biggest threat to their existence on the island. Along with a recent rise in popularity in the pet trade, it's not surprising that collection quotas are being reduced dramatically over the next couple of years. In order to continue to see this genus in our home and in the wild, it is imperative we share as much information as possible to ensure the success of current and future breeding projects.

With the collective research of both the private and public sectors, we are regularly discovering new information about Uroplatus. There are still a number of undescribed species that find their way into the hobby and we try our best to add what we know about these species in hopes others can utilize and expand upon the information provided.

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